Library Researcher Series: Grey Literature

Session Description: Searching for Grey Literature

Grey literature includes that 'hard to find' information that is not published in the traditional manner. Grey literature can include conference proceedings, powerpoint presentations, reports from research institutions and think-tanks, and government publications.  This session will cover tips and tricks to finding this type of information.

What is Grey Literature?

The Fourth International Conference on Grey Literature (GL '99) in Washington, DC, in October 1999 defined grey literature as follows: "That which is produced on all levels of government, academics, business and industry in print and electronic formats, but which is not controlled by commercial publishers." Fourth International Conference on Grey Literature: New Frontiers in Grey Literature. GreyNet, Grey Literature Network Service, Washington DC, USA, 4-5 October 1999.

How to find Grey Literature

Grey Literature can be found many ways. Here are three key methods:

  1. Search institutional repositories - Institutions often have an online repository of data, reports, articles, and/or theses. Identifying key organizations can help you create a short list. Find repositories here: OpenDOAR
  2. Search a database: Could be a repository or commercial database. Examples include:
    1. Theses Canada Portal
    2. Canadian Electronic Library: Canadian Public Policy Collection (CPPC)
  3. Search the web using Advanced Google

Advanced Google Tips

The site search field can be helpful in finding material on a key organizations' websites. Advanced Google

Session Information

Winter 2015 term:

Thurs Feb 12, 12-1pm, Murray Library Rm 102

Session presenter

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Angie Gerrard
(306) 966-6004
Room 122.6
Murray Library