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Library Researcher Series: DiRT (Digital Research Tools)

A drop-in workshop series offered by the University Library in Fall and Winter terms.

Session Description: Using the DiRT Directory

The DiRT Directory makes it easy for researchers to find and compare digital research tools for scholarly use. Tools range from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software. This session will discuss the purpose of DiRT, what it can do for your research, and will demonstrate some of the more broadly useful tools for various fields of research.

DiRT Directory

For scholars who work with digital tools and methodologies, directories like DiRT are essential guides to the broad range of digital humanities tools that are available to meet various research and pedagogical needs.

DiRT provides users with the prompt “I need a digital research tool to…” and offers a variety of options, ranging from “visualize data” and “make a dynamic map” to “manage bibliographic information” and “publish and share information.”

After choosing an activity, the scholar is presented with a list of tools that they can narrow down based on parameters like platform and cost. When selecting a tool, scholars often weigh factors including what other projects are using the tool and which communities of expertise can provide support. 

Session Information

Winter 2015 term:

Thurs Mar 19, 12-1pm, Murray Library Rm 102

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