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New Resources at the Law Library: New Journals

This guide provides a list of new resources that have been added to the Law Library collection. This list is updated on an ongoing basis as new materials arrive.

New Journals Received October 18, 2021

Acta Juridica: 2021 (Law Serials .A188)

American Journal of Forensic Psychology: v. 39 Issue 3 2021 (Law Serials .A513J62

Australasian Dispute Resolution Journalv. 31 no. 2 2021 (Law Serials .A936D5

The Australian Law Journalv. 95 no. 8 Aug 2021 (Law Serials .A938

Banking and Finance Law Review: v. 36 2020/2021 (Law Serials .B21795

Canadian Business Law Journal: v. 65 no. 1 2021 (Law Serials .C212B97)

Canadian Criminal Law Review: v. 26 no. 1 Sep 2021 (Law Serials .C92952

Canadian Lawyer: v. 45 issue 8 2021 (Law Serials .C212L44)

The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer: issue 3 2021 (Law Serials .C766)

Criminal Law Journalv. 45 no. 3 2021 (Law Serials .C92937)

The Criminal Law Review: issue 10 2021 (Law Serials .C9295)

Education and Law Journal: v. 30 no. 2 Sep 2021 (Law Serials .E39)

Environmental and Planning Law Journalv. 38 no. 3 2021 (Law Serials .E586)

Estates, Trusts, and Pensions Journal: v. 40 2021 (Law Serials .E8)

Intellectual Property Journal: v. 33 no. 3 Sep 2021(Law Serials .I.598)

The Journal of Business Law: issue 7 2021 (Law Serials .J86B9

La Revue du Notariat: v. 122 no. 2 2020 (Law Serials .R4544

Trial: v. 57 no. 10 Oct 2021 (Law Serials .T819)

Trust Law International: v. 35 no. 2 2021 (Law Serials .T52)

Women's Equality: Jan - Dec 2019 (Law Serials .W8726)


Please Note

All of the new books and current journals have been moved directly to the stacks until November. The space is currently being used for a display.