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New Resources at the Law Library: New Journals

This guide provides a list of new resources that have been added to the Law Library collection. This list is updated on an ongoing basis as new materials arrive.

New Law Journals February 2, 2021

The Advocates' Quarterly: v.51, no.2  Dec 2020  (Law Serials .A247)

Banking & Finance Law Review: v.36, no. 1  Dec 2020 (Law Serials .B21795)

Canadian Business Law Journal: v.64, no.  Dec 2020 (Law Serials .C212B97)

Education & Law Journal: v.29, no.2  Dec 2020 (Law Serials .E39

Estates Trusts & Pensions Journal: v.40, no.1  Dec 2020 (Law Serials .E8)

Intellectual Property Journal: v.33, no.1  Dec 2020 (Law Serials .I.598

Saskatchewan Law Review: v.83, no.1  2020 (Law Serials .S252B)

Saskatchewan Law Review: v.83, no.2  2020 (Law Serials .S252B

New Law Journals January, 25, 2021

The Australian Law Journal: v.94, no.7  Jul 2020 (Law Serials .A938)

Business Law Review: v.41, issue 5  Oct 2020 (Law Serials .B976)

Canadian Lawyer: v.44, issue 10  2020/2021 (Law Serials .C212L44)

Corporate Practice Commentator: v.62, no.3  2020 (Law Serials .C816)

Entertainment Law Review: v.31, issue 8  2020 (Law Serials .E585)

The International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations: v.36, issue 4  2020 (Law Serials .I.61J86C6

South African Yearbook of International Law: v.43  2018 (Law Serials .S702)