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Nursing: Resources for Faculty

Why Include Library Instruction in Your Class?

The University Library offers a range of instruction sessions for students. Sample topics include:Labs

  • How to do a literature search
  • Forming a research question
  • Searching for journal articles in databases (e.g., TOX LINE, Medline, Pubmed)
  • Searching for grey literature
  • Using citation management programs (Endnote, etc)
  • Copyright
  • and more!

These sessions can assist students by:

  • Helping them develop well-thought out research questions
  • Ensuring that high-quality sources are being used for research papers and presentations
  • Making sure that they are properly citing the material they use
  • Demonstrating that there is someone to go to for questions
  • and more!

To set up a library instruction session for your class contact your Liaison Librarian.

Creating a Direct/Persistent Link

To create a direct or persistent link you will need to know the the DOI or permanent URL of the book or article you want to link to. 

Once you have this information you can use this form to create a new direct link that will allow for off-campus access.
NOTE #1:
If your DOI or permanent URL already has one these prefixes, you do not need to complete the next step as the URL has already been formatted to allow for off-campus access:

NOTE #2:
If your DOI has the following prefix preceding the DOI number "", remove this prefix first and then proceed to the step below.


Research Methods

Your Nursing Liaison Librarian

Kevin Read's picture
Kevin Read
Room 1437
Academic Health Sciences Building
104 Clinic Pl.
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E5
(306) 966-1643



USask has a Copyright Coordinator to assist you. From their website:

"Copyright simply means, the right to copy. It gives the exclusive legal right to the author or creator of an original work to decide how or when that work is used. If you are not the author or creator of the work(s), you will need permission to use it"

The University of Saskatchewan has ended its agreement with Access Copyright August 31, 2011.

This means:

  • Course materials for the upcoming year need to be prepared before August 31, 2011.
  • Course material can be printed in the usual manner provided they are printed prior to August 31, 2011.


*You cannot post copies of copyrighted material online for your students, but you can post links to licenced materials purchased by the Library.

** If you would like to create online links to library-licenced materials for your students please see this guide to creating "Persistant Links" (I am available to help!).

Please see this Copyright Website for more information.

Confused?  Have copyright questions?  Can't find what you're looking for?  Contact the Copyright Coordinator at 966-8817 or for more information.



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