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Library Researcher Series: Research Data Management (2014)

A drop-in workshop series offered by the University Library in Fall and Winter terms.

Session Description: Research Data Management

Tuesday April 1, 2014 : Research Data Management

Caring for your data - ideas for planning for, storing, & sharing the data from your research program. This is a brief introduction to research data management plans and what you should consider when developing them.

Session provided Apr 1, 2014, by Ian MacPhedran & Sean Cavanaugh, ICT.

What are research data management plans?

As the name implies, these are plans for what you do with your research data. There are a number of things to consider, and we will discuss some of these considerations.

What data are you working with?

How will it be organised? (This includes what data formats are used to hold the data, and what metadata is used to describe the data.)

Who can access it, and what can they do with it? (E.g. can they read it, suggest modifcations, actually make modifications, etc.)

Are there restrictions around the data? (Proprietary agreements, privacy considerations, ethics restrictions)

How will it be processed? (Software used, workflow paths, etc.)

How will it be stored?

How will it be preserved? (This includes during the project and after as well.)

How will it be distributed?


There are a number of sites that provide extra information.

Slides from the presentation

There have been requests for the slides from the presentation and a link to the humorous video. (Although you might not find it funny if it has happened to you or your students.)

Here is the presentation, and the video is available on this YouTube page.