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Library Researcher Series: Library Services

A drop-in workshop series offered by the University Library in Fall and Winter terms.

Session Description: Library Services

An overview of library services for grad students and faculty (with a focus on the science and engineering disciplines). This session was offered during the 2012/2013 academic year.

Liaison Librarians

Did you know that liaison librarians can asist you with your teaching and research?

  • Instruction: We can visit your classroom to teach students about library resources and how to find high quality sources of information for their assignments.
  • Collections: Liaisons can purchase materials for library collections that will support your teaching and research.
  • Research Assistance: Are you having trouble locating information for your research or teaching? We can help! You can also check the Subject Pages for suggested resources in your discipline.

Articles and Databases

The University Library subscribes to many article indexing databases in all disciplines.  The following are those which are most useful in finding articles on science and engineering topics.  For a complete list of all databases provided by the library, visit the A-Z List of electronic resources, or see the Subject Pages for recommendations in specific disciplines.

Good Places to Start:

A very large abstract and index database of research literature and quality web sources covering the science, technology, and medicine (STM), and social sciences. [details]

Web of Science® with Conference Proceedings
Online access to the Science Citation Index from 1900 to the present. [details]

The online search tool with the most comprehensive coverage of the chemical literature; searches CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) databases.  You must register for an account to use this resource.  Off-campus? Always access SciFinder through the above link so that you will be automatically authenticated through your U Sask account (otherwise you may get an "IP address error" message!)

Engineering Village
A collection of databases covering scientific, applied science, technical and engineering disciplines, earth sciences, ecology, oceanography and more. They include articles, conference proceedings and full text of engineering handbooks. [details]


The following databases contain full-text ebooks, handbooks, and manuals.

The library has access to over 2000 electronic journals, 32,000 electronic books, 1000 book series, and 186 reference works (in Feb., 2011). [details]
*To browse the content, click on a subject link on the left hand side.

Knovel Library
A collection of applied science and engineering handbooks published by various publishers. At this time, authorized users at the University of Saskatchewan may only access two collections: a small collection of free reference works and one licensed subject collection of over 200 e-books.  [details]

A full text collection of 250+ McGraw-Hill engineering reference titles covering 15 major areas of engineering and hundreds of topics which includes the three Access Perry's handbooks: Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Lange's Handbook of Chemistry, Chemical Properties Handbook. [details]

Over 1670 online Engineering handbooks and reference works published by CRC Press. [details]
You can search the entire Engineering Collection or separately:

Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science
A collection of over 475 ebooks, 50- to 100-pages long, in the form of "lectures" that each synthesize an important research or development topic, authored by a prominent contributor to the field of Engineering and Computer Science. [details]

Wiley Online Library
Portal to electronic journals, books, reference works, and databases published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. [details]

Theses and Dissertations

All masters' and doctoral theses accepted by the U Sask since 1912 are accessible through the Library catalogue. We currently have over 13,000 U Sask theses, of which 2,760 are in electronic format.  Some are available in both print and electronic format.  Since 2007 all theses are submitted electronically and are available in the catalogue as soon as they are approved by the thesis committee. The U Sask Theses Collection is accessible through Special Collections or as electronic documents.

Please noteFor recent electronic theses (since August, 2011), go to


Another source:

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) Index: 1637 - present; Abstracts: 1980 - present; Full text: 1997 - present. University of Saskatchewan dissertations - 1952 to present

Supporting Research

The Supporting Research page lists a number of resources and guides that will help you with your research and publishing activities such as:

  • Links to guides on Open Access, Research Metrics, and Copyright
  • Information on reference managment options
  • Documents and guides outlining the University Library's resources to support the Signature Research Areas

Other Library Services for Faculty & Grad Students

There are several other library services that will support your teaching and research:

  • InterLibrary Loan - A free service to you! If we do not have the item you need in our collections you may request it and we will borrow it from another library for you. In the case of articles and short excerts from books you will usually receive a copy that you may keep.
  • Recommend a Purchase - Is there an item that you think should be in our collections - and isn't? You can suggest this item to the appropriate liaison librarian directly or fill out this form.
  • Reserve Lists - You can put library items, or your own copies of books/articles, on reserve at a library branch. This will ensure that all students in your class have a chance to see them! We may also be able to assist you in creating a list of links to articles or e-books that your students can access directly. Please contact your liaison librarian to discuss the options available.

PowerPoint Presentation

The PowerPoint presentation that was used in Module 2 is included here.