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Casual Library Assistants Resource Guide: Printing, Photocopying (CPAS)

Printing and Photocopying

Access to PAWS: "My Printing" Channel

  • Check balance (Campus Print Accounting System)
  • Purchase printing credit
  • CPAS Print Job Reimbursement (Learn more about campus printing, copying and scanning link)

No Access to PAWS, but has an NSID

  • including users who do not have access to PAWS (e.g. ptypes 026, 028, and 066 which are Reciprocal Borrowers; 038 External Unaffiliated; or 084 High School Advanced Learning) can go directly to to check their account details, redeem a pre-loaded printing card, transfer printing credits to another person, or review their transaction history.

Users can add printing credits by going directly to the credit payment site

No Access to PAWS, No NSID uses public printing/copying options