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Casual Library Assistants Resource Guide: Education & Music Library


Shifts & Work Expectations

Please check Work Expectations tab for more details.


If you are unable to come in for a scheduled shift, you are expected to phone another casual and arrange for them to work your shift. You can trade or give your shift up to someone else. Please let your supervisor know if you have asked anyone else to work your shift. Contact information is posted on the Casual Bulletin Board.

In an emergency situation or sudden illness, please contact staff by phone at 966-5973.

Please be on time for your shifts. If for some reason you are going to be late please call as we need to know when you will be here. If you are late, please discuss with your supervisor how time can be made up.

Schedules are made up for the entire term and posted on the Casual Assistant Bulletin Board, the schedules will also be emailed to you.

When you arrive check the Desk Schedule and let the person working the circulation desk know when you are starting your shift. Also, please check the Casual Assistant Bulletin Board for any messages regarding your shift duties.

Work Expectations

Casual Assistants are expected to read the communication journal at the Service Desk and the Communication Binder in the Casual office at the beginning of their shift.

Voices carry in this library so we need to keep our voices down.

Save personal conversations for the back room.  Please keep these conversations to a minimum unless during break time


Floor Plan of Education & Music Library

Casual Supervisor

Adele Charpentier


Education & Music Emergency Response Plan


A draft copy of the Education Building Emergency Response Plan is saved on the check-in terminal desktop and posted on the Staff bulletin board with other Safety Information.

You can find a draft copy of the Local Emergency Response Plan for the Education building on the Safety Resources website.


The Education & Music Library has a variety of equipment for student use:

  • Photocopier/Scanner
  • Regular and Large Format Scanners
  • Music Media Carts, Record Players, Audio Editing Station, Headphones
  • Learning Commons Machines including four laptops

Circulation Information