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Casual Library Assistants Resource Guide: Law


Titles Directory and finding items on the Main floor

The Main floor houses law cases, digests, reporters, provincial & federal legislation. These items do not have call numbers on the spines of the books which makes it a challenge to locate items on the main floor. This is why we created the Titles Directory that is unique to the Law Library. Remembering to use this binder can be tricky, but once you become familiar with it, it will become your best friend. 

The binder has all the titles shelved on the Main floor listed in alphabetical order. Each title has a row number associated with it, giving us its row location on the Main floor. Each book stack has a number assigned to it, which is equal to the row number. If someone is looking for the Halsbury's Laws of Canada, look for the title under "H" and this will tell you what row the item is located: row 25. 

Titles Directory and shelving the Main floor

In order to shelve the Main floor, you need to use the Titles Directory. Because items on the Main floor do not have spine labels, the Titles Directory helps you find out where items belong on the shelves. Using the Main floor shelving tags you can indicate on your book truck where each individual book belongs as you shelve.


Library Tags

Return Bin

We have two book return bins located along the glass wall near the ESB entrance to the Law Library.  Each return bin has a clear back so that we can see when books are returned to them.
There is a book return bin for Reserve items, which needs to be checked every 1/2 hour regularly throughout your shift and there is a book return bin for all other library materials, which need to be checked at the end of your shift and at library close.

Law Library Supervisor

Robin Parent


Law Specific Patron Types - Ptype 32

  • Articling Students-at-Law
  • Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan
  • Members of the Judiciary (Judges)
  • Members of the Law Society of Saskatchewan
  • National Committee on Accreditation (NCA)
  • Federation of the Law Society of Canada
  • Staff of Saskatchewan Law Libraries