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Casual Library Assistants Resource Guide: Science and Engineering

Shift Information and Resources

Switching a shift

If you are unable to come in for a scheduled shift, you are expected to phone another casual and arrange for them to work your shift. You can trade or give your shift up to someone else. Please follow the instructions for switching shifts stated in the casual's binder.

If you are really sick and cannot make it for you shift

  • Let the staff know as soon as possible. The earlier the better, so we have a better chance of covering the shift.
  • Contact staff by phone. Please do not text or email staff. We may be in meetings or on vacation, so calling the location you are working at is the best.

Science:  306- 966-1906

Engineering: 306-966-5976

APEGS and the Engineering Library

Information about library privileges for APEGS members can be found on the main Engineering Library web page, or go directly to:

Finding Standards at the Engineering Library. See instructions in the procedures section of the casual's binder.

Projects - Engineering

Projects - Science


Tina Leckie

Science: 306-966-6038

Engineering: 306-966-5977