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Study Skills Tip Sheets: Term Schedules

Creating a Term Schedule

Understand the significance of information provided in course outlines

  • Course name and description (what the professor emphasizes)
  • Professor's name and contact information
  • Required and recommended texts (study guides)
  • Course objectives
  • Assignments and exams (dates, weight, details, etc.)
  • Course Syllabus (i.e., topics and readings for each class)

Use the information from course outlines and time management strategies to plan the term (set goals and prioritize)

Use the course schedule, your familiarity with the material, the relative weight of the assignments and exams (that is, what percentage of the total grade are the assignments and exams worth), and information from the professor to help prioritize your tasks and manage your time effectively.


Start with a term calendar that shows you the entire term at a glance. Write exam dates and assignment/lab due dates on this calendar, along with other events that will affect your schedule. You may want to use a paper calendar you post on the wall in a spot that catches your attention on a regular basis.  Or, you could use the day timer provided to you by the USSU (University of Saskatchewan Students' Union), or an online calendar such as a Google calendar, Outlook or your PAWS calendar.

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