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APA Guide for Business Students (6th ed.): Quotations



  1. When using quotations, add pages or sections titles with paragraph numbers.
  2. If page numbers are not available, include the section with the paragraph number. If the section has a title, place only in parenthesis)


  • Smith (2011) states, "young adults living in rural ares have a 20 percent greater chance of home ownership than those living in Canada's largest metropolis" (p. 5).
  • It is now reported that "baby boomers will cause an enormous rise in health care" (Statistics Canada, 2011 Introduction section, para. 2).

Quoting More Than 40 Words


  1. Quotes that are more than 40 words must be in Block Quotation format.
  2. Indent the block quote half an inch.
  3. Quotation marks are not used.
  4. Doublespace the quote (unless otherwise indicated)
  5. End quote with a period and place the citation parentheses 


There are a number of American stores in Italy such as Levi Strauss:

      The sales turnover of Levi Strauss Italia is among the highest

      overseas branches of the parent company, which has stores in

      110 countries worldwide. The company opened its first temporary

      fashion store in Italy in 2005 in Milan, on Corso Vittorio

​      Emanuele, a celebrated upmarket shopping street in the city at the

      centre of the Italian textiles and fashion business. 

      (Surchi, 2010, p. 265)