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APA Guide for Business Students (6th ed.): Tables



  1. If you insert a table into your report, you must record a table number with a title above the table.
  2. Below the table you must indicate where you obtained the table. 
  3. Use the word "Reprinted" if you are copying the table and "Adapted" if you changed the table in any way, in a note under the table.
  4. Use in-text citations if the table is not reproduced in the paper.


  • Table included - Reproduced in a paper

Table 1
Restaurants by Canadian City

Business City No. Establishments
Restaurant Vancouver 50
Restaurant Montreal 94
Restaurant Edmonton 80

Note. Reprint from "Canadian Cities and Restaurants " by B. D. Scott  2015, Journal of Restaurant Business, 22, p. 300. Copyright 2015 by ARS Association.

In-text citation → As shown in Table 1, 35 per cent of the restaurants in the report are found in Edmonton...


  • Table referred to only - Not reproduced in a paper

PMB Print Measurement Bureau (2012). Leisure activities:
      Personally participate golf 
[Table}. Retrieved from

In-text citation: 1st → (Print Measurement Bureau [PMB], 2012)
In-text citation: Any additional → (PMB, 2012)

    • Table Referred to Only / Not Reproduced in a Paper

Important Copyright Information

APA states that you must obtain permission in order to include a table or image in your paper. The author and copyright holder ahould be indicated with the image or table.