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APA Guide for Business Students (6th ed.): Figures

Figures such as graphs, charts and maps

Figures: Charts, Graphs and Maps


  1. Figure numbers are placed below the figure.

* For more information see Purdue University Online Writing Lab 


Figure 1. Map of the Saskatoon Metro-Devision Average spending-Personal care-Other services, 2014 [spa business inserted] by Geographic Research Inc., November 16, 2014, Data from Environics Analytics HouseholdSpend (based upon Statistics Canada's Survey of Household Spending). Retrieved November 16, 2014 from Simply Map database.


Reference List Example
Geographic Research, Inc. (2014) Environics Analytics HouseholdSpend: Average
      spending-Personal care-Other servoces. 2014 by Census Metro
      Area [spa business locations inserted]: Map Saskatoon - Metro
      Division. Retrieved November 16, 2014 from Simply Map database

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