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APA Guide for Business Students (6th ed.): Audio Visual

Includes Youtube, podcasts, etc



McCarthy, K. D. (executive producer), McCarthy, K. (producer-director)
      & Fons, M. (script writer). (2012). Buying into brand marketing
[DVD]. Chicago, IL: Learning Seed.

In-text citation: 1st → (McCarthy, McCarthy, & Fons, 2012)
In-text citation: Any additional → (McCarth et al., 2012)



  • Youtube

Cristwell, C. [Greenwichdiva]. (2011). The Starbucks rant song.
[Video file]. Retrieved from

In-text citation → (Cristwell, 2011)

  • Company Video

Potash Corporation in Saskatchewan Inc. (2012). PotashCorp
​      2012 annual meeting, 
[Video file]/ Retrieved from

In-text citation → (Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc., 2012) OR (Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. [Potash Corp.], 2012)



Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. (2012, May 5). CEO Bill
      Doyle presentation at the BMO Capital Markets Farm to Market
[Audio podcast]. Retrieved from
      http://www.potashcorp. som/news/webcast/replay/283/

In-text citation → (Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc., 2012)


  1. List the primary contributor(s) in the author position ans use parentheses to identify their contribution.
  2. When citing you must include material format in brackets, ex. Audio podcast, Video file, etc.


  1. Place a shortened version of a corporation's name in brackets in the first in-text citation. Further in-text citattions can use shortened versions for further mentions. Ex. Potash Corp.
  2. If you have multiple items from any type of author add: a, b, c, etc. to the date in the in-text citation and in the corresponding reference citation in the Works Cited List.