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Tutor Training: Module 8: Continuation of Professional Development

Continuation of Professional Development

As you get more experience tutoring, you will learn new ways to handle difficult or less straightforward situations. You can reinforce what you learn by simply taking time to think about the session.

Consider your performance

To maximize what you’re learning in these new situations, you need to think about what you did in the session. Keep track of the successes and failures that you had in the session. Even a brief list can be useful for picking up repeated patterns in your actions. Focus on moments when students seemed to respond and actively take part in the session. Conversely, also note when they didn’t seem to pay attention.

Keep in mind that every student you tutor will be different. A method that works with one student may not work with another. However, by keeping student reactions in mind, you will be able to discern patterns in your strategies.

Access tutoring information to keep current

To help you better your tutoring style and to take part in a larger community of tutors, you can turn to various publications and resources created for tutors. On the internet alone there are many websites, listservs, and wikis devoted to the subject of tutoring and tutor theory. Reassurance that others are facing similar challenges and sharing your success increases your confidence in your tutoring ability. 

  1. Here’s a list of some helpful tutoring websites:
  2. Check out some research starting points and readings for writing specialists, listed on the U of T writing site.
  3. The following webpage has a listing of writing centre professional organizations. Many offer forums for publication, and/or support for student conference travel.

Here’s a list of some helpful tutoring websites:

Share experiences with other tutors

Reading about others’ tutoring experiences can be validating, but actually discussing experiences and strategies with other tutors is important to grow as a tutor. Not only will you add to your own repertoire of tutoring strategies, but you will also be adding to theirs. Hearing about problems or solutions that you yourself have tried validates your own actions, and hearing about new strategies is useful and informative. The Writing Centre Canvas discussion space is a great place to do this!

Continuation of Professional Development Quiz