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Tutor Training: Before You Begin

Welcome to the Tutor Training Course!

image credit: Francisco Osario, CC:BY 2.0


Welcome to the Tutor Training Modules for Math and Writing Help.

image credit: Francisco Osario, CC:BY 2.0

Student Learning Services


As a tutor, you're now an employee of the Library, which houses academic support students for all students at the University of Saskatchewan. Welcome to the team! 

In your role, you will regularly be referring students to other professionals in the library, including other tutors and peer mentors.

The above image shows the different types of learning assistance available throughout campus, many of which are found at the link (click on the image).

Within the Murray Library, where math and writing help reside, students can access research support, writing help, math and stats help, and study and learning skills support. Some of these services are also available online.

You will do lots of referral when conversations with students inevitably wander outside of math or writing (depending on your tutoring role). For example, if you have a student struggling with reading, you can refer them to a study skills peer mentor, and if you're helping a student with research, you can refer them to the reference desk on the same floor as math and writing help in Murray, or to their subject librarian. 

Be sure to familiarize yourself with student supports - both academic and non-academic. Some services are explained further in this online course's modules. A good start is to familiarize yourself with the Library's student learning services website.