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AREC 428 Case Studies in Agribusiness Management

A supplemental research guide for the AREC 428 course, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

Finding an article when you only have the citation

Here are some instructions for when you come across a citation for a journal article and want to find the full text:

  1. Copy the title of the journal article.
  2. Go to and then paste the title into the search box you find there
  3. You should find the full text version of the article. Click on Full Text Online.
  4. Next, click the green Go button.
  5. For this example, you will be taken to the home page of the journal. Once there, paste the article title in to the search box. Often, clicking the Go button will take you to the article directly. 
  6. You will now come to the record of your citation and will be able to download a pdf of the article.

 If you find Not Available Online instead of the green Go button, you will also find a Go link that will take you to a page where you can request the article. What happens then is that our library staff will track down the article from another library and send it to you at no cost. This is what that will look like: