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Library and Canvas Integration

This guide is to help navigate and utilize all the library resources available to faculty and instructors in Canvas.

What are Course Reserves?

**No physical items will be put on course reserves at this time (up to and including Fall term 2021).** 

  • Course Reserves are Library items that are added to a course in Canvas at the request of the instructor.
  • Course Reserves can be Open Access, licensed library materials, or material owned by the USask Library or the course instructor.
  • Common course reserve items include e-articles, eBooks, and other electronic library items.
  • Course reserves may be scanned physical items. The Library can make electronic copies of articles from print journals, as well as portions of a print book. 
  • All course reserve items must comply with all applicable copyright policies and laws.


How do I request course reserves for my course?

The USask Library has created on online form for all instructors to use to request course reserve items: Please note that the required fields on the form will have an asterix next to them. You will receive an error message if any of the required fields are empty upon submission.

What happens after I submit my course reserves request?
  1. Once you have filled out the form, added all your requested items, and hit the Submit button, you will see a "Success" pop-up indicating that your request went through successfully.
  2. Within 1-2 business days the Library will email you to request access to your course. The email will include instructions on how to add the Library to your course. Once you have added the Library to your course, the Library will begin adding the requested materials to your course.
  3. Once the Library has completed adding all course reserve items to your course, we will notify you by email that the work is complete and the Library may now be removed from your course.
How long will it take for the course reserves to show up in my course?

We hope to have a course reserve request completed within 3 to 5 business days. This timeline may be extended depending on amount of processing required (copying print items, copyright clearance, digitization of items, etc.).

Where do course reserves show up in my course in Canvas?

Course reserves are placed in a course Module titled "Library Course Reserves." Please note that library course reserves are NOT included under the Library and Learning Supports menu item within a Canvas course left navigation menu.