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USask Library in Canvas and Blackboard

This guide is to help navigate and utilize all the library resources available to faculty and instructors in Canvas.

How to Add a Library Research Guide to a Module in Canvas

  1. Open any existing Module. Click on the plus sign to add items to the module.
  2. From the Add dropdown menu, select External Tool. A list of available tools will be presented, select Research Guides.
  3. Select Research Guides -   
  4. Under the Content Type dropdown, you can choose what portion of a libguide you wish to embed: full guide, a single page, or a certain content box. 
  5. Next, select the specific research guide you want to embed in your course. The Guide dropdown provides a list of all available research guides. Use the top search box to type a keyword to help narrow your search.
  6. Once you have select the guide of your choice, click on the blue Embed Content button.
  7. Finally, click on the green Add Item button to complete adding the research guide. Note the URL present, this indicate you are adding a research guide.