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Grad Help: Basic Skills

Reading, Writing and Studying

Critical Reading for Graduate Studies


Someone once said that time-management is a grad students best friend. As a grad student you are juggling many things, studies, research, possibly teaching, family, time to yourself. This requires good tools for managing your time. Below you will find links to help you build these tools.

Procrastination in Grad School

Do you have problems putting things off? Are you so worried about the quality of your work that you don't submit it? It is often said that procrastination in grad school is different from procrastination in undergrad. Below you will find links to videos and articles that deal specifically with the type of procrastination graduate students face.

do it - procrastination concept by Vic is licensed under CC BY 2.0

This hour long video talks about graduate students' procrastination.

Source:  Work-Life Balance: Keys to Successfully Managing the Graduate School Life by the University of Georgia presented by Andy Case-Simonson PhD

This 52 minute video talks about graduate students and their lives during grad school.