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Nunavut Law Program Research Guide: Find Articles

Getting started with USearch

Introduction to USearch

What is USearch?

USearch pulls together resources from multiple sources and displays them in a single list of relevance-ranked results (similar to a Google search). Unfiltered search results may contain:

  • Journals & articles
  • Print & e-books
  • Conference proceedings
  • Newspaper articles
  • Theses & dissertations
  • Government publications
  • CDs & DVDs
  • Music scores
  • Images
  • Local digitized collections

When should I use USearch?

  • I want to find books, articles, and other sources about my topic using one search. 
  • I want to find a journal article.
  • I am starting my research and want to see what is available on my subject.
  • I want to start with a broad topic and refine my search.

Cautions about USearch:

Because it searches multiple sources, you may see an overwhelming number of results for your initial search. Use the filters on the left side of the screen to refine your results by format, date, available online, peer-reviewed, library location and more. 

USearch seems like it includes everything but there are a few things it does not search including EBSCO eBooks and databases

How do I sign in to USearch?

Sign in to USearch using your NSID to see everything you have access to as a member of the U Sask community. This login step is separate from logging in to your library account.

USearch Login


Featured Journals

Etudes Inuit: Inuit Studies

Etudes Inuit: Inuit Studies

From the publisher: "Études/Inuit/Studies, a semi-annual scholarly journal, has published since 1977. It is devoted to studying traditional and contemporary Inuit societies from Greenland to Russia from a broad social science and humanities perspective (ethnology, politics, law, archaeology, linguistics, history, etc.)."



Interdisciplinary research journal in publication since 1948. From the publisher: "Contains contributions from any area of scholarship dealing with the polar and subpolar regions of the world. Articles in Arctic present original research and have withstood intensive peer review."

Polar Record

Polar Record

From the publisher: "Polar Record publishes articles in a wide variety of areas of polar research in both the Arctic and the Antarctic and keeping its readers up to date with an extensive range of topics and concerns. The journal includes original primary research papers in the physical sciences, life sciences, polar technology, humanities, and social sciences, as well as papers concerning current political, economic, legal, and environmental issues."