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Nunavut Law Program Research Guide: Sentencing

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Secondary Sources: Lexis Advanced Quicklaw

LexisNexis Sentencing NetLetter

Description from publisher: "An electronic current awareness service covering recent judicial developments in sentencing under the Criminal Code and other federal statutes. This NetLetter includes all sentences imposed for Criminal Code offences, provided that both the offence and the sentence can be ascertained. Also included are cases dealing with the issues of parole, dangerous and long-term offender status, compliance with a sex offender registry, and appeals from Review Board decisions." 

Canada Sentencing Quantums

From the publisher: "Comprehensive source of sentencing summaries from 1997 to the present, organized according to the detailed LexisNexis Classification scheme. Canada Sentencing Quantums contains summaries of court cases from all Canadian jurisdictions. Content is organized according to Criminal Code and non-Criminal Code offences. In addition, cases can be searched according to the sanction imposed, including imprisonment, fines and conditional sentences. Cases can also be accessed according to sentencing considerations, including aggravating and mitigating circumstances, deterrence and time already served."

Secondary Sources: WestlawNext Canada

Sentencing: The Practitioner's Guide:

From the publisher: "provides the reader with the available sentences and the range of sentence for offences in the Criminal Code. For each offence, it offers an analysis of the applicable sentencing principles, as well as the key factors influencing sentencing. Mandatory and discretionary dispositions are noted for each offence, and arepresentative sample of appellate cases demonstrate the spectrum of sentences imposed by judges in the past."

Access via WNC Home > Texts and Annotations > CriminalSource Texts and Annotations > Sentencing: The Practitioner's Guide

Canadian Sentencing Digest  

From the publisher: "Text of the Canadian Sentencing Digests by R. Paul Nadin-Davis and Clarey B. Sproule, which digests federal and provincial court decisions regarding sentencing quantum under the Canadian Criminal Code and other related statutes. The annual digest is organized by offence. Coverage begins with 1980."

Access via WNC Home > Texts and Annotations > CriminalSource Texts and Annotations > Canadian Sentencing Digest 

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Canadian law journals collection via HeinOnline 

Search full text articles from 105 Canadian law reviews/journals. Dates of coverage varies.