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Air Photo Collection : Air Photos: 30's - 70's from SRC

Air Photo Collection

In 2012, the University of Saskatchewan Library received over 100000 air photos from the Saskatchewan Research Council. These air photos are primarily of the agricultural regions in Saskatchewan and range in date from the 1930's - 1970's. There are 4 sets of photos, which will eventually be digitized and catalogued.


Set 1

Set 1: 30's - 40's Saskatchewan

Set 1 contains air photos ranging from the 30s- 40's of Saskatchewan. They are arranged by rural municipality (RM) and are currently located on the second floor of Murray Library. The areas marked in blue indicate this set's coverage.




Set 2

These are from the 50's and are mainly of the Agricultural (south) areas of Saskatchewan and are arranged by Township, Range and Meridian (Dominion Land Survey). These are not shelved yet.

Set 3

This set is not yet shelved

Set 4

Aerial photos from the 60's organized by National Topographic System (NTS) sheet numbers. These are not yet shelved.

Set 5

Air photos from the 40's, arranged by NTS map sheet as well as Dominion Land Survey (T-R-M). These are not yet shelved.