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Finding Journal Articles: Accessing Journal Articles

Use the Library's Proxy Bookmarklet

To use the proxy link
  • If you use Chrome, Safari or Firefox drag the UofS Proxy link to your bookmark bar!
  • If you use Internet Explorer, right click on the link above and save to your favorites bar.

When you are prevented from accessing an article on a publisher's website click on the bookmarklet link in your toolbar to automatically gain access to the full text version. You must be logged in to your PAWS account to use the proxy service. If you are not already logged in you will automatically be prompted to enter your NSID and password.

Accessing Journal Articles

If you find an article that you want, but it is listed as not available in full-text, it may still be available in full-text from a different database.

When you are searching in a database, click on the yellow Yellow Find it! Button  button to see if your article is available from another source.

A new window will open indicating if the Library has access (online and/or print) to your article:

Screencap of the SFX page, showing an article that is available online from one source, and available in print from the library. Both options have a green "Go" button which you can click on to open a new window.


"Available online" - the Library has electronic access to your article - click on Go to view the full-text. (There may be several options listed here. They all lead to the same article, just from different databases. You can click on any of them to see your article.)

 "Available in print" - the Library has a print subscription to your article - the Library location and call number will be written beneath.

 "The U of S Library does not own this item" - the Library does not have access to your article, either print or electronically. You can complete an Interlibrary Loan request at this stage to have the article sent to you (for free) from a different library.

Having Trouble?

If you are trying to access an article from off campus, and it doesn't seem to work, make sure you are logged in to the library homepage before opening the article. 

Many of our databases require you to be logged in for security reasons if you're working from a computer outside of the university's network.

If you have questions or can't find what you are looking for Ask Us for help!

Ask Us Live Chat is answered by University Library staff. They can help you by answering quick questions.

If you need subject specific help, contact a Librarian.