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Research Metrics: Institutional Metrics


SciVal is a tool based on data from the literature database Scopus. It provides access to the "research performance of over 20,000 research institutions and their associated researchers from 230 nations worldwide. SciVal allows you to visualize your research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop strategic partnerships, identify and analyze new, emerging research trends, and create uniquely tailored reports." [quote from SciVal Features site linked below]

USask users can access SciVal through the link below (with NSID & password), but will also need to create an individual account with Elsevier. See access instructions in the box on the right.

Using SciVal Responsibly

"This guide is designed to help those who use SciVal to source and apply bibliometrics in academic institutions. It was originally devised in February 2018 by Dr Ian Rowlands of King’s College London as a guide for his university, which makes SciVal widely available to its staff. King’s does this because it believes that bibliometric data are best used in context by specialists in the field."

Accessing SciVal

Please use the following steps to access SciVal:

• Use a proxied URL to start, like:
• Login with NSID

If you have an Elsevier account click the Sign in button
1. DO NOT CLICK THE "Sign in via your institution" BUTTON!
2. Enter the email address you used when you created your account then click "Continue"
3. Enter your Elsevier password

If you do not have an Elsevier account, click the Create account button
1. DO NOT CLICK THE "Sign in via your institution" BUTTON!
2. Enter an email address. It might not have to be a address, but I recommend it. If using a usask email, you will need to follow the additional steps. When you select email and enter your USask email, it kicks you back to the “Sign in via institution” page. If you select “Try another way”, you then re-enter your email and a pop box indicates that SciVal has sent a confirmation email to you to confirm you are part of the USask community. Within that email you need to hit a verification button and then access is provided
3. Enter a password
4. It may or may not ask for additional details like first and last name