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Access to Justice: Reports & Statistics


The National Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters is focused on fostering engagement, pursuing a strategic approach to reforms and coordinating the efforts of all participants concerned with civil justice. The final reports of two of the working groups are now available to the public:

Report of the Court Processes Simplification Working Group

Report of the Access to Legal Services Working Group


The Research and Statistics Division of the federal Department of Justice produces and communicates high-quality empirical research and statistical analysis on a variety of justice-related issues, including Access to Justice and Legal Aid.  Some of their Research Reports include:

  • The Unmet Need for Criminal Legal Aid: A Summary of Research Results
  • A Synthesis of the Issues and Implications Raised by the Immigration and Refugee Legal Aid Research
  • Six Degrees from Liberation: Legal Needs of Women in Legal and Other Matters
  • A Profile of Legal Aid Services in Family Law Matters in Canada
  • Study of the Legal Services Provided to Penitentiary Inmates by Legal Aid Plans and Clinics in Canada
  • Legal Aid Provision in Northern Canada: Summary of Research in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and the Yukon
  • A Study on Legal Aid and Official Languages in Canada
  • Expanding Horizons: Rethinking Access to Justice in Canada



Legal Aid in Canada: Resource and Caseload Statistics presents information on the operation of Canada's 13 legal aid plans. The report includes information on the legal aid plans, personnel resources, revenues and expenditures, as well as information concerning applications for legal aid. It presents a broad analytical overview of legal aid in Canada and provides data tables and figures at both the provincial/territorial and national levels. Most of the information for the report is based on data collected from the Legal Aid Survey, conducted annually by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics.

Statistics Canada also provides revenue, expenditure, personnel, and caseload statistics associated with the delivery and administration of legal aid in Canada.

Detailed CANSIM tables are available for: