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Library research for graduate students in Education: Theses & dissertations

Theses & dissertations

As part of your Library research, you may wish to look at Master's theses and doctoral (Ph.D.) dissertations that relate to your area of research. Theses and dissertations provide examples of how other graduate students have structured their scholarly work, and most importantly, provide access to recent research that may not be available in any other format.

We are fortunate at the U Sask to be able to provide full-text access to a large number of theses and dissertations from the University of Saskatchewan, and other institutions in North America and beyond.

Search tips: U Sask Electronic Theses & Dissertations

  • Access the Harvest database
  • Scroll down the Harvest page, select College of Graduate Studies and Research
  • For a known item, search by author or title
  • To browse theses and dissertations completed in your department, use the "Search within this community and its collections" search box and the department -- e.g. "educational foundations"  "curriculum studies" "educational administration" etc.

Theses and Dissertations -- North America & Europe

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) is an index and full text database of doctoral dissertations and selected masters theses from selected universities in North America & Europe. Full-text available at least from 1997 to present (participating universities only).

Theses & Dissertations -- Local

The UofS Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) database is a complete collection of University of Saskatchewan theses from 2007 onward, plus a selection theses in a variety of disciplines, from 1914 - 2007. The full text of each ETD is available in PDF format.

Theses Canada

Theses Canada is a comprehensive database of Canadian theses and dissertations compiled by the Library and Archives Canada and other partner University libraries in LAC's Theses Canada Program.

Indexing of Canadian theses goes back to 1965, with digitized text availability from 1998 to 2002 (this coverage will continue to expand) and electronic theses from 2005.

Search tips: Proquest Dissertations & Theses

Use the search by degree feature to limit your search. For example, if you wish to view other Master theses in the field of education, search for M.Ed. in the degree field.

Use the search by University/Institution feature to limit your search to theses or dissertations from a particular location, such as the University of Alberta. You can locate doctoral dissertations from the University of Saskatchewan through PQDT, but not Master's theses.

To locate Master's theses from the University of Saskatchewan, use the U Sask Electronic Theses & Dissertations database.

Test yourself -- PQDT

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