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Locating Resources for Academic Advising: Search Terms & Search Tips

Search Terms: ERIC OVID database

ERIC defines academic advising as a "decision-making process in which a student and academic adviser use the resources of a postsecondary education institution to analyze and coordinate learning experiences consistent with the student's needs, abilities, interests, values, and goals."  This term is not to be confused with "educational counseling" which is the preferred ERIC term for advising that takes place at the secondary school level.

A related term used in the ERIC database is Faculty Advisors, defined as "academic staff members assigned to counsel students in academic and sometimes nonacademic matters."


  • Combine academic advising with a more specific term to focus your search. Example: academic advising and at risk students
  • Combine academic advising with a specific group or discipline to narrow your search. Example: academic advising and medical education

Search Terms: The Library Catalogue

If you are searching the Library Catalogue to retrieve books and related resources on academic advising, the following search terms may be useful:

  • Counseling in higher education
  • College student development programs
  • College student orientation
  • College students -- services for
  • Faculty advisors

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