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Instructional Support: BOPPPS Model: Outcomes / Objectives

What are learning outcomes and why are they important?

Learning outcomes* are clear, measurable statements that specify what the learner is expected to know or be able to do by the end of the session.

Outcomes are important as these guide the development, alignment, and delivery of the entire lesson plan. 

Learning outcomes should be SMART:

  • Specific, as opposed to general;
  • Measurable (ability to assess or measure the learning);
  • Attainable/achievable;
  • Relevant to learners;
  • Time-bound (e.g.: by the end of the session/week/course ...)

*Often 'outcomes' and 'objectives' are used interchangeably and although these words may mean different things to some people, within this guide they can be generally treated as the same.

Sample Learning Objectives Resources

Bloom's Taxonomy. Teaching, Learning and Everything In Between. Lynn Lease.
This blog posting provides images that illustrate Bloom's taxonomies with accompanying action verbs for the various levels of learning. Also included is the Krathwohl and Bloom's Affective Taxonomy for designing learning outcomes which "includes learner behaviors indicating attitudes, awareness, attention, concern, interest, and responsibility".