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Research Data Management: Store & Share Your Data

Data Storage & Sharing Resources

University of Saskatchewan Data Storage Services

  • A list of data storage options available at USask, organized by level of sensitivity

Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR)

  • Canadian data repository for storing and sharing research data

Preparing Your Data to Be Shared in FRDR 

  • A guide to help you describe and prepare your data to be shared in FRDR


  • Canada’s national discovery service for multidisciplinary data from research institutions across the country. It includes datasets from over 100 academic, government, and research repositories


  • An international registry of general and discipline-specific data repositories

Creative Commons License Chooser

  • A tool to help you choose the appropriate license for data, documentation, or other work. Please see the GitHub License Chooser below for licensing your software.

Software Sharing & Tools

Data Collection and Analysis Software at USask 

  • A list of USask-supported data collection and analysis software that you can use for your research


  • Online program for hosting software, facilitating collaboration, and implementing version control using Git

Reference and Cite Software with GitHub 

  • How to create a permanent identifier (DOI) for your research software using the Zenodo platform. This platform allows you to save a snapshot of your software to include with your publication

Software License Chooser 

  • An online tool developed by GitHub to help choose an appropriate free/open source software license for research software

Software Heritage Guidelines for Software Preservation  

  • A guide for using Software Heritage infrastructure for preserving your research software