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Food Security

Guide for resources dealing with food security around the world.

Suggested Searches

Use phrase searches (" "), for example:

  • "food security", "northern food security", or "food sovereignty" to return results with these exact phrases.

Use Boolean Searching: AND, OR, and NOT  

  • "food security" AND Canada to return results that include both the exact phrase and Canada
  • "food security" OR "food sovereignty" to return results that include either the phrase "food security" or 'food sovereignty," but not both.
  • "food security" NOT "water security" to return results only pertaining to food security, excluding water security

Use wildcards (?) to search for alternative spellings, such as organi?ation to return results for organization or organisation.

Use truncation (*) to search for all possible suffixes to a root word. For example:

  • Canad* will return Canada, Canadian, and Canadians.

Having a strategy to use the library's resources will help to narrow your search and find what you are looking for. 

Determine the concepts included in your topic, and break these down into keywords to use in USearch or by searching the databases provided in the Resources tab. Here are some suggestions to find books, articles, and more!

  • Food security 
  • Food insecurity 
  • Food sovereignty 
  • Food chain 
  • Food industry 
  • Food industry and trade 
  • Food prices 
  • Food market 
  • Food relief
  • Food supply 
  • Hunger 
  • Nutrition 
  • Nutrition policy 
  • Poverty 
  • Sustainable agriculture 
  • Supply chain 



The following databases are powerful tools to search for journal articles on your topic, providing a number of ways to refine your search. These may return results beyond what would be shown on the USearch page. See the Search Tips box for help with refining your topic terms or Boolean operators. 

A selection of books on a number of topics related to food security. For further selection, consider searching the library catalogue. 


Reports prepared by organizations to provide an overview of the current state of food security in Canada or internationally. 

Data Resources

A few data resources are provided here, but it may be useful to reference the Data and Statistics guides

Organization Web Pages

These web pages are created by a variety of organizations, each advocating for their particular viewpoint on food security and food sovereignty. Be advised that these pages are useful to understand different opinions on the topic, but may not constitute an authoritative source.