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Panopto Tips

General information about Panopto

Training Videos

How to record a video: 0:00-3:15 for PC & 3:20-end for MAC

How to record Powerpoint using a MAC - choosing the correct settings *NEW* Created by SLS Staff

These two videos are similiar:

Changing the preview image:   0:00-1:35

How to add and edit slides in the editor:  All or 0:00-2:54

How to Use Add a Clip to Splice Multiple Sessions Together: All or 0:00-3:22

How to add a quiz to a video: 1:22-3:49 (this clip may be more useful for the SLS staff and not peer mentors)

How to upload a PDF to a video (this would be great for worksheets): All or 0:00-1:17

Emily made a video about Embedding a webpage:  0:00-2:04

Embedding a YouTube video (old): 0:00-2:25

Learn about the video editor (very general video): (informative video but I’m not sure if people would need to watch it...) video length is 6:38

Options for Sharing Videos

These are the options for sharing videos. The top three require the person viewing them to log in with their NSID.

The last option "Anyone with the link" comes with a drawback.  All of those videos show up in the “everything” folder for anyone who uses Panopto to see.  I caution you if you make a video that is really personal to think about your sharing options.

How Viewers Can Customize their Settings

If you want your Panopto video to appear full screen, choose the embed option in a libguide, webpage or Canvas.  If you use the link option, Panopto displays a video like this by default

default view in panopto

The table of contents and upcoming slides along the bottom take up valuable real estate on your screen. This page on the Student Learning Services website shows how students can customize their view, how to toggle between the camera recording and Powerpoint slides, and how to use the search function within Panopto.

Panopto limitations

If your video has a link in it (to a website or YouTube video), the video will skip over the link if the user is viewing it on a mobile device, unless they are using the Panopto app and log in with their NSID.

Similarly, quizzes only work on a mobile device in the Panopto app after the user logs in.  Essentially, this forces students to download the app.

Panopto support staff has added us to a list of institutions that have reported this and may or may not fix this in the future.  Most people who create videos use Panopto within Canvas where they are logged in already which solves this problem for them.

At SLS we are posting links to Panopto videos from our workshop webpages. If you view those webpages on a mobile device, it will always open the videos in a web browser and won't even give us the option to allow students to view them in the Panopto app. At this time, we recommend NOT adding links or quizzes to videos you create.


When you add a Powerpoint slideshow in Panopto, links within the slides aren't "clickable" for viewers of the video.