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Children's and Young Adult Literature: Drama

Drama in the classroom

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan
- Submitted Photo, Department of Drama, University of Saskatchewan

"When teachers harness drama's power with accurate learning outcomes, a precise structure, and appropriate drama techniques, drama activity can become a fertile method for integrating reading, writing, speaking, listening, researching, technology applications, and art experiences. Inside the imagined space that is drama's domain, students use their own lives and perceptions as a supply of ideas for taking on roles and through their interactions with others, dramatizing and reflecting on the experiences and circumstances which people face throughout a lifetime."

Dowdy, J. K., & Kaplan, S. (2011). Teaching Drama in the Classroom. SensePublishers.

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A collection of six plays written for young audiences, from primary school through high school. Includes Blind Spot by Meghan Gardiner; Cranked by Michael P. Northey; Derwent is Different and Showdown by Jamie Norris; and The Invisible Girl and Tree Boy by Michele Riml.

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