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First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Content & Perspectives Across the Curriculum: Ministry of Education Recommendations

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit resources recommended by the Ministry of Education

Table of Contents
Arts Education
English Language Arts
Health Education
Social Studies

This is a selected list. Please refer to the Ministry of Education's Curriculum web site for a comprehensive listing of recommended resources, full annotations, and suggested uses.

Arts Education

Allen Sapp's art (DVD) Arts Ed 1-9  Andrea's fiddle Arts Ed 1-5  Canadian Aboriginal art and culture Arts Ed 3-6  Dancing in my bones Arts Ed 3-6

Drops of brandy (CDs) Arts Ed 1-9  Drum calls softly Arts Ed 3-6  Expressing our heritage Arts Ed 1-9  Fiddle dancer Arts Ed 3-5  

Honoring the people (CDs) Arts Ed 1-9  Jenneli's dance Arts Ed 2-4 Kou-skelowh Arts Ed 1-3  Jingle dancer Arts Ed 1-3  Let's dance Arts Ed 1-9

Northern traditional dancer Arts Ed 1-9  Red sash Arts Ed 3-6  Steps in time: Métis dances (VHS) Arts Ed 1-9

English Language Arts

7 Generations ELA 10  Ancient thunder ELA 2  Andrei and the snow walker ELA 7  At Geronimo's grave ELA 10  Bear's long tail ELA 3   

Beaver's big house ELA 4  Behind closed doors ELA 10  Better that way ELA 4  Billy Tinker ELA 20  Broken circle ELA 6  Dog tracks ELA 8

Drum calls softly ELA 3-4  Fatty legs ELA 5  Fiddle dancer ELA 4  For the children ELA 6-10  Giving tree ELA 3  Good path ELA 6 

Goose girl ELA 5  Granny's giant bannock ELA 1-2  He who flies by night  ELA 3-4  I am Raven ELA 4  Ice drift ELA 6  Initiation ELA 7

Little voice ELA 7  Morningstar ELA 20  Mwâkwa talks to the loon ELA 4  Niiwin: four Ojibwa critter tales ELA 1-2  Niwechihaw ELA K-2   

Nobody cries at bingo ELA 20  Nokum is my teacher ELA 4-5  Old woman island ELA 20  Sacred stories of the Sweet Grass Cree ELA 8

Secret of the dance ELA 5  Secret of your name ELA 4-5  Shin-chi's canoe ELA 1-3  Skysisters ELA 1-2 

Stories Moshum and Kokum told me ELA 5  Stories of our people  ELA 20-30  Storm at Batoche ELA 4  Sugar falls ELA 20

Trail of the spirit ELA 10  When the spirits dance ELA 5  Winter people ELA 7  Yetsa's sweater ELA 5

Health Education

Chuck in the city Health Ed 1  Eagle books Health Ed 1-3  Finding our way Health Ed 6-9  Giving tree Health Ed 2-3 

Jenneli's dance Health Ed 2 & 4  Medicines to help us Health Ed 2-4  Shin-chi's canoe Health Ed 2  Shi-shi-etko Health Ed 2-3 

Taking care of mother earth Health Ed 2  Which way should I go? Health Ed 3


Building a smokehouse Math 10  Changing the faces of mathematics Math K-12  Designing patterns Math 4-5 

Going to Egg Island Math 1  My Arctic 1,2,3 Math 1-2  Patterns & parkas Math 5 


Bridging cultures: indigenous and scientific ways of knowing (Teacher resource)  Pearson Saskatchewan Science 3-9 

Solomon's tree Science 1-3  

Social Studies

Black bear pastry & other delights SS 3-4  Boulder monuments SS 4-5  Canadian Aboriginal art and culture SS 4-5 

Digging Canadian history SS 4-5 Early Canada series SS 5  Fatty legs SS 5  Fiddle dancer SS 4  From moose to moccasins SS 5 

Gabriel Dumont  SS 4-5  Giving tree SS 4  Granny's giant bannock SS 1  Gray wolf's search SS 2 & 5  He who flies by night SS 4 

Hidden buffalo SS 4  The Inuit thought of it SS 3-5  Journey through the circle of life SS 1-2  Kids book of Aboriginal peoples SS 3-5 

Kids book of Canadian history SS 5 & 8  The lamp, the ice, and the boat called fish SS 5  The land is our storybook SS 5 & 7 

Louis Riel SS 4-5  Métis alphabet book SS K-1  Missuk's snow geese SS 2-3  Mwâkwa talks to the loon SS 3-5  My family SS K-1 

A Native American thought of it SS 4-5   Niwechihaw SS K-1  Nokum is my teacher SS 4-5  Red sash SS 4-5 

Saskatchewan: 1905 -2005  SS 1-9  Saskatchewan Social Studies SS 6-7  Secret of the dance SS 5 Secret of your name SS 4-5 

Shi-shi-etko SS 1-3  Solomon's tree SS 1-3  Storm at Batoche SS 4  Taking care of mother earth SS K-1 

Teaching treaties in the classroom SS 1-9  Tiktala SS 4-5  When the spirits dance SS 4-5  Yetsa's sweater SS 4-5

Featured resources

Book cover

In Nobody Cries At Bingo, the narrator, Dawn, invites the reader to witness first hand Dumont family life on the Okanese First Nation. Beyond the sterotypes and clichés of Rez dogs, drinking, and bingos, the story of a girl who loved to read begins to unfold. It is her hopes, dreams, and indomitable humour that lay bear the beauty and love within her family.

Book cover

7 Generations: A Plains Cree Saga originally published as a four-part graphic novel series; Stone, Scars, Ends/Begins, and The Pact. This graphic novel follows one Plains Cree family from the early 19th century to present day.

7 Generations explores the life of Stone, a young Cree warrior, the smallpox epidemic of 1870, the residential school system of the 20th century and its familial legacy.