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Online Learning Readiness Tutorial: What You Might Already Know

Assess Your Understanding

There are many misconceptions about learning online or how effective it is. This poll will help you determine what your opinions are. If you are unsure about any of these statements or about online learning in general, please be sure to complete the rest of the tutorial. It will reveal the answers to these and other questions you may have.

Take the Poll

Online classes are easier than in-person classes.
Agree: 144 votes (17.37%)
Disagree: 502 votes (60.55%)
Not sure: 183 votes (22.07%)
Total Votes: 829

Learning online is lonely because there is no way to interact with my classmates or the instructor.
Agree: 352 votes (43.73%)
Disagree: 385 votes (47.83%)
Not sure: 68 votes (8.45%)
Total Votes: 805

I can work at my own pace in an online class and take as little or as much time as I need to complete the assignments.
Agree: 1359 votes (75.17%)
Disagree: 379 votes (20.96%)
Don't know: 70 votes (3.87%)
Total Votes: 1808

Communicating in an online class is challenging and I will be required to complete my assignments without any help.
Agree: 1076 votes (60.28%)
Disagree: 600 votes (33.61%)
Don't know: 109 votes (6.11%)
Total Votes: 1785

Learning online requires self-direction and good time management skills.
Agree: 1739 votes (97.75%)
Disagree: 22 votes (1.24%)
Don't Know: 18 votes (1.01%)
Total Votes: 1779

Shy students are more likely to contribute to discussions in an online class than an in-person class
Agree: 452 votes (57.73%)
Disagree: 209 votes (26.69%)
Not Sure: 122 votes (15.58%)
Total Votes: 783

The best thing about online learning is having access to online information that is free to use and does not require a citation or reference.
Agree: 232 votes (12.7%)
Disagree: 1395 votes (76.35%)
Not sure: 200 votes (10.95%)
Total Votes: 1827

Using information I find on the web during an online exam is a legitimate way to demonstrate my understanding of the course content.
Agree: 59 votes (7.55%)
Disagree: 651 votes (83.35%)
Not Sure: 71 votes (9.09%)
Total Votes: 781

Working collaboratively with my peers to complete online coursework is only permissible with consent from the instructor.
Agree: 563 votes (68%)
Disagree: 126 votes (15.22%)
Not Sure: 139 votes (16.79%)
Total Votes: 828