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Take a Break: Library

Come to the library and Take a Break!

It's easy to get lost in studying during exams, but it's very important to remember to practice healthy study habits. Don't forget to Take a Break!

Starting in December and running until supplies last, you can stop by any library location and pick up a study break kit. You'll have a few types to choose from, all with things you need to help practice healthy study habits.



Did you know doing puzzles helps your brain with memory? Stretch your mental muscles and try one of these activities.



Structure your study

Make a study plan

  • Set goals
  • Review your notes and readings
  • Teach others
  • Take breaks. Yes, we even recommend including your breaks in your study plan
  • Reward yourself!

Question of the day!

Libraries will have whiteboards set up with our question of the day. Grab a marker and add your answer to the board. We will be sharing your answers on our Instagram account, Take a Break from studying and check them out.





Stay motivated

Fight procrastination

  • Do the hard work when you are at your best. Make sure to plan your study around times you know you are at your most productive
  • Avoid distractions
  • Study in short blocks. We suggest short bursts of productive study time interspersed with breaks. Try the Pomodoro Method

Art Wall

Feeling artsy? Want to stretch your creative muscles? Libraries will have a collaborative mural that we invite you to add to. Make a monster, add a mountain, have fun! We'll make sure to share pictures of your art online.


Don't forget to share your creations and study tips on social media and tag us!

Self care

Take care of your body

  • Get enough rest. Yes, your study hours are precious, but without sleep, your brain won't work
  • Eat well. Don't starve yourself. Eat something healthy to keep yourself fueled
  • Take breaks and move around. Who doesn't love an impromptu dance party?

Additional resources