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Take a Break: Library

Come to the library and Take a Break!

It's easy to get lost in studying during exams, but it's very important to remember to practice healthy study habits. Don't forget to Take a Break!

Starting in December and running until supplies last, you can stop by any library location and pick up some study break goodies. You'll have a few things to choose from to help practice healthy study habits.


Popcorn, button making and film fest.

Free popcorn!
• Murray Library, April 11. 2:30 - 3:30 pm.

Show off your creativity, and design and create your very own button.
• Murray Library, April 8, 1 - 2:30 pm.. 

Join us on April 17 for this year's National Canadian Film Day, for a free Canadian movie or two!
• Blackberry | Noon (12 pm) | Murray Library, room 299 
• Wildhood | 2:30 pm | Murray Library, room 299



Did you know doing puzzles helps your brain with memory? Stretch your mental muscles and try one of these activities.



Structure your study

Make a study plan

  • Set goals
  • Review your notes and readings
  • Teach others
  • Take breaks. Yes, we even recommend including your breaks in your study plan
  • Reward yourself!

Question of the day!

Libraries will have whiteboards set up with our question of the day. Grab a marker and add your answer to the board. We will be sharing your answers on our Instagram account, Take a Break from studying and check them out.





Stay motivated

Fight procrastination

  • Do the hard work when you are at your best. Make sure to plan your study around times you know you are at your most productive
  • Avoid distractions
  • Study in short blocks. We suggest short bursts of productive study time interspersed with breaks. Try the Pomodoro Method


Self care

Take care of your body

  • Get enough rest. Yes, your study hours are precious, but without sleep, your brain won't work
  • Eat well. Don't starve yourself. Eat something healthy to keep yourself fueled
  • Take breaks and move around. Who doesn't love an impromptu dance party?

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