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Community Health & Epidemiology: Global Public Health

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Key Resources


Global Health 101. 


Global Public Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice - Publishes research on AIDS & HIV; Behavioral Medicine; Development - Soc Sci; Globalisation; Health Geography; Health Policy; Medical Sociology; Public Health - Medical Sociology; Risk; and Third World Studies.

Globalization and Health: Published on key issues in global health and research that examines the positive and negative impact of globalization on health

Global Health Governance: The Scholarly Journal for the New Health Security Paradigm - Examines global health challenges and potential solutions. Particular focus on political, economic, social, military and strategic aspects of global health issues.



CDC Global Health: Information on CDC's Global Health programs, including Global Disease Detection, Influenza, Border Infection Surveillance Program, and more

Lancet Global Public Health Network: An editorially-independant intitiative of The Lancet, the GPHN's efforts include a searchable archive of evidence. the commissioning of new analyses, program recommendations, and action campaigns on important issues in global public health.


World Federation of Public Health Associations: Brings together public health professionals interested in professional exchange, collaboration and action.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Program: The Global Health program is involved in innovative programs and research related to Global Health. It spends $800 million each year (nearly equivalent to the WHO) on global health issues. Its website provides information on its research initiatives, grantee profiles, and publications on global health issues.

Action Global Health Network: Hosted by the U of Ottawa, the AGHN is a networking tool that connects public health professionals, researchers, and students. It provides information on global health organizations and their projects, individual experiences in global health, opportunities for collaboration, training, and mentorship, as well as news and upcoming events.

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