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ChE 495: Information Management

Some tips and tools for managing your project information.

Tips for Digital Collaboration

These tips may seem obvious, but following them can save you a lot of time as you go work together on your project:

1. Find a cloud storage option that everyone is comfortable with. This can include things like Google Drive and DropBox, but USask offers "My Files" in "My Channels" in PAWS and OneDrive. 

2. Come up with a file naming convention and stick to it! This will help you keep track of your work as you go along. You might consider creating a text document with your file naming conventions and storing it where you are storing your files. Make the file names descriptive enough that you will be able to easily tell what they are without getting too crazy with length.

3. Keeping versions of your work along the way will help you backtrack if something goes wrong. Some cloud storage solutions (like Google Drive) allow you to do this, but be sure to understand how far back and how frequently they create a new version!  

4. If you have tables of data, make sure you keep track of the metadata that is associated with the tables. This includes key pieces of information like when and how the data were created, as well as the values for any abbreviations or codes. This includes keeping track of any code you used to create derivatives of original data.

5. If you create computer code, it is a good idea to include comments in the code. This will not only make it possible for others to use your code effectively and for the purpose that you intended, but it will also make it easier for you to use your code or parts of your code in future projects.

6. ALWAYS create a backup. This can be on a portable drive, your computer, or another cloud storage option. If you are using OneDrive and you have trouble, contact