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ChE 495: Articles


Databases index the primary literature such as journal articles and patents. They usually specialize in specific disciplines and index the contents of thousands of different journals. The University Library subscribes to hundreds of different databases (see the A-Z List for a complete list); see below for suggestions of relevant databases to begin with for Chemical Engineering topics.

Remember, if we do not have a subscription the the journal that you need you can request a copy of the article through our InterLibrary Loan service - it is free to you!

Scholarly Articles

  • The online search tool with the most comprehensive coverage of the chemical literature (including patents); searches CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) databases, indexes 10 000+ journals, (1907-present, updated daily)
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  • Online Tutorials and How-To Guides on how to use this database

UofS Links in Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be a great place to start your search. In order to take full advantage of Google Scholar, you can link to the materials available at the University of Saskatchewan Library. This is already done on many of the Library computers, which is why you see the "Fulltext @ UofS Library" links in your Google Scholar results. This can easily be set up on any computer by using the following steps:

1) Open the Google Scholar homepage (

2) Click on the Settings link at the top of the page (the one with the gear next to it).

3) Choose "Library links" from the menu on the left. 

4) Search for the University of Saskatchewan. This should give you two results - University of Saskatchewan and University of Saskatchewan Library. Check both of them.