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Saskatchewan Legislative Building by Scazon

This guide is designed to help get you started finding and using publications from the Government of Saskatchewan.

How to Find Government Information for Other Provinces

To find government information on other Canadian provinces and territories, your best bet is to consult a library guide at a major university in that province. Other good sources are the Legislative Library for each province.

Online Provincial Government Information

Government information is increasingly online and increasingly only available online.

There are several strategies that can be used to locate online government information.

  • Go to the official web site of the provincial government or territory and use the search box on the home page.
  • The Legislative Assembly for each province and territory also has a web page and search box which can be used to search for online debates, journals, bills and committee hearings.
  • Each department within the government will usually have its own web page and search box.
  • Many jurisdictions have a Queen's Printer or official publications site which can be a source for finding specific government publications. It is frequently the case, however, that many official publications and reports are not published and/or distributed by the Queen's Printer or equivalent. For those other publications, it is most effective to search the issuing department's web site.
  • Tip: Be wary about searching too narrowly too soon. Sometime searching the government's general search box reveals that more than one department has an interest in a particular topic.
  • The Legislative Libraries of each province typically have very strong collections of both online and print government publications for their own jurisdictions.
  • APLIC, the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada, has developed a test web portal which contains links to many online government publications from the provinces and territories. This portal is a beta project and may evolve as it is tested and developed.

Digitized Older Government Publications

There is a lot of activity in the retroactive digitization of older Canadian official publications. New or expanded sites appear frequently. It is a challenge to keep up with them and even more so because the group doing the digitization might be the Legislative Assembly or the government itself, a university library or a consortium of university libraries, archives or other research groups.

Older legislative materials such as debates and journals and older statutes and government gazettes are common digitization projects because of their historical importance.

Some sources to consult are:

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