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Government Information - United Nations: Research Help

Research Help

If your initial search for information does not turn up anything useful, consider contacting an expert to help you locate resources that you need.

Librarians at the University of Saskatchewan

In addition to the Government Information Librarian, there are Libriarians with expertise in Data, GIS and Law.

Civil Servants

Government officials can often direct you to a resource or send you a document or data file. The challenge is to discover who is responsible that information.

Start with the government directories:

TIP: If you can find a person or an office in your region, that is often a good place to start.

Policy and Subject Experts in Think Tanks, Universities and Industry/Trade Associations

An agency or a subject expert may be referenced in a report or news paper story. Contact them to see if they can provide helpful information.

Newspaper Reporters

Newspaper reporters are typically well very informed when they specialize in an issue. If you see a relevant newspaper article you might contact the reporter who wrote it.

Contact Us

The government publications collection is located primarily at the Murray Library.

For assistance with any government information questions: