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Conference Proceedings: Find Conference Proceedings

Why is finding conference proceedings challenging?

  • Not all conference proceedings are indexed in databases.
  • Conference organizers are inconsistent in publishing conference proceedings. Sometimes it is published like a book, sometimes in a special issue of a journal, sometimes free on the internet, and sometimes only distributed to conference attendees. For conferences that occur regularly, the proceedings may be treated like a journal.
  • The embedded SFX Find It! button in each record in databases does not work well with conference proceedings. That is, even when a conference paper is available in the library, SFX Find It!  may indicate it is not available.

Strategies to Locate a Conference Paper

  1. Try to search Library Catalogue to find the title of the conference proceeding, not the title of the conference paper
  2. Try to search Google Scholar to find the conference paper. Note: access Google Scholar from the Library website, and it will automatically link to the library resources.
  3. If it is an ACM conference, search ACM Digital Library to find the full-text of the conference paper.
  4. If it is an IEEE conference, search IEEE/IET Electronic Library to find the full-text of the conference paper.
  5. If it is published by Springer, search SpringerLink to find the full-text of the conference paper
  6. If still unsuccessful, ask us!