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This guide was designed to act as a complement and "further readings" list to the Library Employee development program, ReconciliAction in the Library: It’s Time to Learn, Think and Do Reconciliation. However this guide is still relevant today.

ReconciliAction Readings and More

This guide exists as a complement to the Library employee development program called ReconciliAction in the Library: It’s Time to Learn, Think and Do Reconciliation which took place between January and April 2017. The original program, as designed by the Action Item 3.3 Working Group (Deborah Lee, MaryLynn Gagné and David Smith) consisted of seven sessions; each facilitated by a different member of the University community. During the first four sessions Library employees were asked to watch an episode of The 8th Fire: Aboriginal Peoples, Canada and the Way Forward and then participate in a thoughtful discussion of the information and perspectives covered in the episode. The remaining 3 sessions invited guest speakers to the Library to engage employees in reflection on, and discussion of the issues surrounding Reconciliation in a Canadian context.

The resources in this guide have been selected in hopes of creating conversation, encouraging reflection, and inspiring action.

There are also more resources on the What You Can Do guide for the Not Just Another Day Off exhibit. 

Bentwood Box

Coast Salish Bentwood Box carved by L. Marston

TRC Bentwood Box

This Coast Salish Bentwood Box was commissioned by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), and carved by artist Luke Marston. The box itself is formed from a single piece of steamed and bent cedar. The different panels represent the distinct cultures of former residential school students, and stands as a tribute to all Indian Residential School Survivors.

The box traveled across Canada with the TRC to its seven national events, and was meant to honour the survivors and their children. 

Photo courtesy of the University of Manitoba.


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