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Dental Assisting Program: Images and Video

Can I Just Use an Image From Google?

You do not necessarily have permission to use all of the photos and videos that you find from a Google search. To find images that you are sure you have permission to use in your assignments, you can use the image databases that the Library has or you can change your Google search to only retrieve materials that you have permission to reuse. See below for instructions on how to do both.

How to Find Google Images You Can Use

1. Type a search term into Google. For example, dental care.

2. Click on Images to see all of the images that your search finds.

3. Click on Tools, then Usage rights, and select "Labeled for reuse" (either with or without modifications - ask yourself if you will be adding or removing something from the original picture). Since you're using the image in your coursework, this is considered noncommercial use.

Google Image search for dental care

Find Images in e-book Collections

The e-book collections below allow you to search for images and media.  For uses other than personal education, you will most likely need to request permission from the copyright holder.





Access E-book Collections (e.g., Access Medicine, AccessSurgery, AccessEmergency Medicine): Find images by entering a term in the search box and selecting "Images, Video and Audio" in the pull down menu.







Other Image Resources


How to Cite Images

In your research report, if you include images that you find through Google search, on a website, in a book, or in a journal/magazine paper, be sure to cite it properly. By citing the image, you avoid plagiarism and give credit to the creator of the image. At a minimum, image citation should include the following elements:

  • Title of image
  • Creator, artist, or photographer
  • Source of the image (website, book, paper, database, poster, etc)
  • Date accessed (for online images)

How to cite Creative Commons images