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Dental Assisting Program: Need Help?

Which Search Tool Should I Use?

You do have a lot of options for searching for information.  It can get overwhelming!  Here's a guide that will help explain your options.

Help with Formulating Your Search Strategy

When you are planning to search for information, whether in the library catalogue, journal article databases, or the Internet, it is a good idea to do some preparation beforehand by formulating a search strategy.

This page will help you break your topic into individual concepts. It will also help you determine relationships between the concepts, and possible similar or related terms that express each concept.

Help With CINAHL

This page provides a handout for using CINAHL, as well as 8 video tutorials on how to search in CINAHL - covering everything from subject headings to saving your results. 

Help with Medline

To get started searching Medline, here are a couple of useful videos: