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USask Library and Archival Resources: The Doukhobors in Canada

The Doukhobors in Canada: a select bibliography highlights some of the material on Doukhobors that is held in the University Archives and Special Collections (UASC).


The images listed here are comprised of photographs, postcards, and clippings.

In this photo, Mrs. Wasyl Bludoff, of Langham, is seated at her 60 year old spinning wheel which was brought from Russia [in 1898]. Saskatchewan grown flax is being spun using a wooden toothed comb to hold the fibre. (Special Collections Manuscripts Collection - MSS C555/1/4.2e/5)


In Manuscripts

C555/1/4.2d 1 to 9

A collection of photographs, the last eight of which were taken by J.H. Wride, a Kamsack photographer. These are all studio portraits of Doukhobor families or couples; the first one is a postcard with a photo of a group of Doukhobors in front of sod-roofed house.

C555/1/4.2e.1 to 5

This is a series of six photographs of three Doukhobor women demonstrating the use of a spinning wheel and weaving loom brought from Russia. The demonstration was held at the University of Saskatchewan and put on by the Saskatoon Arts and Crafts Society in June, 1925. Descriptions have been written on the back of the photographs.

MSS C555/1/4.2f

Nude parade of Doukhobors from Langham to Saskatoon. 1903.


Doukhobor women drawing the plough, breaking prairie sod. 190?

C555/2/6.2 b4 and b5

Doukhobor mother and child. 1909.

Doukhobor couple at Rosthern. 1910.


Petrofka Post Office in a Doukhobor sod-roofed house. 1908.

In Pamphlets:


Call No.: LXX-107
Title: View of Doukhabour Village Near Kamsack. 1909.

Call No.: LXX-187
Title: Doukhobor Village, Langham, Sask. [190-?]

Call No.: LXX-190
Title: Doukhobor Brickyard, Yorkton, Sask. [190-?]

Call No.: LXX-191
Title: Doukhobors, Langham, Sask. [191?]

Call No.: LXXIV-86
Title: Doukhabors plowing. [19--?]


Call No.: LXIII-V6 
Title: Peter Veregin, the Doukhobor leader. [illustration.] 191-?
[2 clippings]

Call No.: JV 7225.E53 #85
Title: The Doukhobor pilgrimage [Photographs] n.d.

Call No.: JV 7225.E53 #86
Title: Doukhobors on a pilgrimage. Doukhobors working in a harness
[Photographs] n.d.

Call No.: JV 7225.E53 #103
Title: Steam plough used by Doukhobors [Photographs] [n.d.]

Call No.: JV 7225.E53 #121 
Title: The Doukhobors [Prints] [n.d.]