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Secondary School Art in the Library: 2020 - Centennial Collegiate


Theme: Impact

This year's artists are students from Centennial Collegiate.  All of the artwork reflects the theme of Impact.  Below is the exhibit statement, provided by Karen Wooller, visual art teacher at Centennial Collegiate:

Centennial Collegiate students participated in a workshop that investigated the topic of impact. They were asked to think about the different interpretations of the concept in their art pieces.  Erin Haigh, an art teacher and artist, explained color mixing, neutral tones, and moods in paintings.  Marcus Miller, Curator of the University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries, worked with students to challenge their artistic processes. This curated exhibit is the result.

A Study of Grey - Kaitlyn Herperger

Asteroid - Taylor Langan

Blood - Peyton Cote

Destruction of the Dinos - Maddy Murcas

Impact - Cal Ge

Impactful - Kiyanna Arevalo

Joe Carter - Chuck Wong

Missing - Liv Tarala

Smoke - Julia Wang

The Flutter - Olivia Wesson

The Impact of a Wall - Areej Fatima

The Melt - Carsen Matileg